Jim Wolf Technology Nissan Valve Spring Removal Tool
Jim Wolf Technology Valve Tool

 Doin' WORK! The Jim Wolf Technology Nissan Valve Tool

By Justin Banner


Being able to remove a valve spring or even the retainer can be a bit of a challenge. Add to that fact when Nissan designed the head, you couldn't even touch the valve or use a standard valve spring compressor to remove it. The guys over at Jim Wolf Technology also thought that using an age old trick of using a socket and hammer was a little, well, caveman like, so they came up with the Nissan Valve Spring Removal Tool! Now, life is more modern, faster, and easier! “Doin' WORK” is here to not only demonstrate the JWT Valve Spring Removal Tool, but any other tools that “make life WORK!”


Jim Wolf Valve Removal Tool
Here is what the Valve Spring Removal Tool comes packaged with. It contains the tool, 4 valve modified valve buckets, two bolts with lock washers, and instructions!


Jim Wolf Technology Valve Spring Removal Tool

The modified spring buckets allow for passage of the valve stem and removal of the valve keepers. The little hole at the top is where you position the thread end of the valve spring compressor.


Jim Wolf Technology Valve Spring Removal Tool

Yep, you get four so you can service each valve at each cylinder. What a great idea!


Jim Wolf Technology Valve Spring Removal Tool

The tool also has a large hole so you can access the spark plug hole. Why? Well, my dear Watson, so you can use another special tool that uses shop air to keep your valves closed! Yes, you can use this tool with the head still on the engine and in the car!


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