JMS Racing Subaru WRX STi at the Texas Mile


The cockpit is where things start to get really interesting. A Modena sequential 6-speed transmission helps get the EJ’s power to the ground, all through a Tilton triple disc carbon/carbon clutch.

A MoTeC full-color programmable data logging dash helps the pilot keep tabs on everything that’s happening and allows the team to look at what DID happen after the run is done. Even on a relatively short run, quite a lot of data is generated.

Safety is important. It’s even more important when your speedo is in the triple digits. Remember kids, energy is one half mass times velocity SQUARED. Just in case things go really badly, a 10 point NHRA 8.50 certified roll cage from Extreme Performance in Houston is paired with Simpson harnesses and a Cobra seat to keep the driver in one piece.

While the car wears Enkei RPF1s on the street, Belak 15”x8” drag wheels are in place for mile racing and try to hide the custom small-caliper Wilwood setup. You only have to stop once in this discipline.

The Variant 3 coilovers and swaybars both come from KW, and keep the ride smooth even when the world is getting all blurry.

JMS employs their own custom rear differential setup — a Ford Cobra 8.8 rear and a final gear ratio that matches the STi with a custom welded rear subframe to accommodate.

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