JMS Racing Subaru WRX STi at the Texas Mile


Power is transferred into the custom differential setup via a Driveshaft Shop combination of axles and a carbon driveshaft.

At the speeds that JMS encounters, keeping both the front and rear of the car planted is important. Out back? A Pichy Race Cars carbon fiber spoiler. Pichy came all the way out to Texas from Kissimmee Florida to custom make the spoiler for the car at the shop.

Finally, once the party is over, the Simpson chute helps slow things down quickly in combination with the Wilwoods. The cage fabricator constructed the chute mount.

Most people don’t think of Subaru when they think of land speed records. But JMS succeeded in realizing their customer's goal. Their heavily-built STi ended up setting a land speed record, smashing through the 200 MPH barrier to reach a lofty 202.9 MPH.

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