Keep Drifting Serious: ProAm Competitor Andrew Attalla


One of the biggest focuses of a drift car should be the cooling system. The LS1 is kept at ideal track temps with a CSF triple-pass M3 radiator and CSF dual-pass oil cooler.

What is your end-goal with drifting?

Well, like most people out there, I want to drive in Formula Drift (FD). I want to achieve my goal of becoming a professional racecar driver and hopefully have one amazing story to tell my kids someday. Now getting there is the hard part, every year we are put up against tougher competition, drivers are becoming more advanced and the cars are getting even faster. So, keeping up with the competition is going to be a challenge, but hopefully one day we will be in Pro1 with friends, family, and fans all cheering us on!


The exhaust is 3″ stainless custom made by DR Concept.
Here's another angle of the exhaust and rear bash bar with a jacking point by DR Concept.

What is your plan for this season/year?

My plan is simple, don’t look like an idiot. I have been away from the scene for a few years now, building this car, and the scene has changed so drastically. It’s kind of hard to judge the competition, and to get back in the rhythm of things is going to be a challenge all on its one. I’m just going to take it one step at a time and hope that we do good this season. If by some miracle I earn a Pro 2 license, then that is the work of God, and I will be the first person on my way to buy a lottery ticket.


Another great thing about this build is that there was no skipping out on safety, which is still possible to keep fashionable with these Bride Zeta 3 bucket seats and HPI 6-point harnesses.

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