Keep Drifting Serious: ProAm Competitor Andrew Attalla


Do you have any advice for people looking to get into drifting?

You don’t need a lot of money, or sponsors, or even a nice car. You just have to want it. Everything else will come in due time. Starting is the hardest part. Start with what you have, and if you don’t have it, you can piece something together. I had a friend who bought a 240 for a few hundred dollars, got it running, found body panels for it, and didn’t spend that much. Given, the car was 8 different colors, but it worked and did everything we needed it to. I know tires are the hardest part, but I remember when I first started I would drive around to various tire shops to dig in their trash pile and end up with a handfull of pretty decent tires that are good enough to slide around on. It’s all about dedication and how much you love it.


Another BMW drift car staple is the SLR ultra angle kit. 

Grassroots drifting vs. professional drifting – which do you prefer & why?

I love the sport in all its stages. Grassroots drifting is fun, and it’s a good way to wind back and have a good time with friends. But, I prefer professional drifting because it's more exciting, you get to meet amazing people, you get to travel around the world and do what you love, and in some cases, you actually get paid to do so.


Not broken! Just boasting about 70 degrees of angle in the front with the SLR kit.

What future plans do you have for your car and for your drift program?

I am on the quest to find more power. I am currently on the lookout to find a company willing to help us achieve that goal. Maybe get a dog box and possibly a quick-change rear end. All these things aren’t essential components, but they help with becoming more competitive, allowing the car to be better tuned for each track that you drive on. It’s like how a chef needs his knives and not any knives will do- such as a driver needs his car. Both the driver and the car work together to achieve the ultimate goal. I also want to try and get my name out there; you will see me at pretty much all the events this year, including car shows showing off the car, talking to people about all my amazing sponsors, meeting new people and experiencing new things. So, let’s see how this year turns out. 


That's it for this edition of the Keep Drifting Serious series. Stay tuned for the next article as we start exploring different drivers, cars, and programs as they make their way through the professional circuit.

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