Keep Drifting Serious – Vaughn Gittin Jr.


How have you and your team developed your car to remain competitive over the last few years?

I'm very fortunate to have a team of amazing people that think outside the box and choose to spend their time supporting me. This goes from mechanics to partners like Nitto who make sure we have a competitive tire. It's a constant moving target with the insane speed of progression within the sport. I believe it's everyone on the team's passion and commitment that keeps us innovating and running at the front.


For competition, the team runs a 295/40/18 Nitto NT05 tire.

What is your favorite part of being a professional driver

I like the survival and challenges that must be endured during a competition weekend. I like knowing that what I have accomplished and how I live/chase my dreams is inspiring to people.


Vaughn's Mustang runs Recaro racing seats for both the driver and passenger side, accompanied by Takata Racing harnesses.
The driver's area is kept tidy with a control switch panel along with an ASD hand e-brake and a carbon fiber dash.
Here's a top mounted Wilwood pedal box. Note the crazy lion sticker.

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