Keep Drifting Serious – Vaughn Gittin Jr.


Do you miss anything about your pre-professional drifting days?

Life was a bit easier in some ways back then for sure, no deliverables, less stress, not having to constantly be ahead of the curve on business and on the track. But for me I would change the present for anything. It's definitely not for everyone, but it suits me just fine.



What do you do to prepare for an event?

I'm constantly preparing physically via eating clean, crossfit and a few other reaction based exercises. Mentally I drive tracks in my head to start getting familiar with the flow of the track.


Vaughn and his team repairing the Mustang RTR after a crash during practice at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle. They were able to get back out in no time and qualify!

What would you consider to be the most important thing to keep your car and overall program competitive?

Communication, passion and hard work. 


Let’s talk about data acquisition. What data does your team collect? How do they go about collecting it? What do you guys do with that information?

We are collecting speeds from ourselves and other competitors. It helps us with setup of the car.


Being ready for competition means being prepared trackside. Here is Vaughn's hot-pit support vehicle along with sets of wheels and some Nitto tires ready to be burned.

How do you make your decisions while on track? For example, tire pressure. It’s more than just going out there and simply sliding your car around.

We are always trying to have a car that is faster or as fast as the field while remaining well balanced and drivable. We have multiple ways we go about dialing In the setup at each track. Gear, shocks, sway bars and tire pressure are a few.



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