Kooks Custom Headers


Kooks Headers Vector Coordinate Measuring MachineThis Vector Coordinate Measuring Machine is a laser-scanner used to digitize a pre-bent tube.  This is a very important quality control device which is used to verify programming in the digital bending machines.  If a tube ever does not fit the jig during production or during the creation of a new jig, this machine figures out if the bend matches the intended angle and prints out a data sheet to compare to the original CAD drawing from the 3D arm to figure out the problem.
Kooks Header Refining Jig post CoordinateHere we see Papa Kook advising during the test fitment of the first exhaust made on this brand new jig.

The whole company is a labor of love, and you can see it the minute you talk to anyone who works there.  You can especially see it in Papa Kook’s interactions with all of his employees.  We could walk through their facility without Papa Kook talking to every individual employee, asking them about hte project they were working on, and giving father-like mentoring guidance to help perfect the task at hand.  There is no 9-5 ‘punch the clock’ mentality, but rather enthusiastic people who love what they do and love racing, and this passion really shows in all of their products.

Kooks Headers ManufacturingThe entire 50,000sq-ft facility is air conditioned with 30′ ceilings.  This not only makes for a great work environment for the welders on hot summer days, but it also makes for a more consistent product from a metallurgy standpoint since everything is produced under the same conditions every day.
Kooks Headers 3in Manual BenderWhile this is not Papa Kook’s first mandrel bender, this 3″ unit has been with him since 1969 and has seend hours of use by Papa Kook’s own two hands.
Kooks Robotic 4.5in BenderTechnology has come a long way since the 60’s.  This is a brand new 2013 model 4.5″ robotic mandrel bender.  While modern, larger, faster, and cooler, this is just in addition to the 1969 unit, not replacing it.  They are that busy.

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