La Cita

Last Friday I went to meet up with some friends in downtown LA. Somewhere off of 2nd St., between Broadway and Main there’s a whole bunch of new bars. They’re all a bit more upscale so they have dress codes on Friday and Saturday nights. So since I rolled up in my new balance, jeans, and a t-shirt they told us we couldn’t get in. Not to fret said Anne, who said we should roll to La Cita. I think it was on Olive and 3rd or 4th. Anyhow, it’s not a place I would have rolled into on my own, but she goes on Thursday nights sometimes when Swindle Magazine has their parties. She’s an editor over there I think. Swindle is an undergroundish, random, artsy kind of magazine that’s pretty cool to look through. La Cita is a bar/club and on Friday nights where an ‘alternative’ crowd goes. It’s like the post punk, post mod, pierced with black hair and/or ink, alternative crowd. I’m not talking about flat billers with ink and piercings. I’m talking about mods with ink and piercings. The music is like the same, but mixed up a bit: Elvis Costello, The Clash, Sex Pistols, a little depeche mode, reggae, some later ska, with some of it mixed over a 110bpm house beat. Not too fast, not too slow, but danceable (especially when you are faded). It was ‘alternative’ crowd music so I didn’t quite know all the music. It was a good time nevertheless. The vibe was cool with people drinking, dancing, and having a good time. There was none of that whole stuffy feeling you get when you go out in hollywood or some asian party where all the dudes have spiky hair and all the chicks look like they are 19 (man I’m getting old, but there’s nothing wrong with 19 y.o. chicks). It was a cool vibe. Ya’ll should check it out some time. No cover = more drinks.


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