Daily Driver

Out of my 6 cars that I couldn’t drive, I finally got to pick up my BNR32 GT-R from XS Engineering. I’ve never really had to drive this car daily, but I have to now since I have no other car. I never got the chance to finish it either: it’s 50% tuned and it’s missing some interior panels. Now that I’m driving it daily I’m motivated to finish it up. In fact I just put a head unit in it the other night so I could have some tunes while cruising. I really like driving this car, but it gets a bit too much attention. I can just imagine the amount of attention from daily driving a BNR34 GT-R.

The current set up is: bone stock engine, stock turbos, Do-Luck 90mm exhaust, Do-Luck 76mm x 2 downpipes, HKS V-Pro ECU, RC 550cc injectors, Greddy Profec-B boost controller, K&N filters x 2, XS Engineering GT-R intercooler, Tein coilovers, Nismo 17×9.5 wheels, custom ARC oil cooler with HKS thermostatic oil filter base. That’s good for 360whp, but I have to finish tuning the part throttle maps.



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