Drifting Golf

No, I’m not talking about drifting a VW Golf. Ken from American Gymkhana organized a golf game at El Dorado in Long Beach, CA with a bunch of friends in the “industry” this past Saturday. It was a nice day with a slight breeze. Everybody had a good time and since nobody was a serious golf player, it seemed like we all just went out there to fuck around (at least in my group). In my crew was Andy from HKS, Eddie from Mackin, Kenji from Mackin, Masa from Club Zero. What’s Club Zero? Well, we’ll save that for another day and another post, but it sure as hell isn’t a car tuning related business. For those of you lucky enough to have been there, ya’ll already know. Since Ken is pretty hooked up with Oakley, we all got a pair of Oakley glasses and a divot fixer that was included in the green fees. They’re pretty dope so I rock them when I drive now.


Daijiro the Rockstar, Hiro Sumida, and Hiro’s wife Rei.


That’s Eddie Lee from Mackin about to rip a drive while Andy from HKS and Kenji from Mackin stick clubs in his ass. There was a lot of gay shit going on this day huh?


After golf in the club house, everybody had a beer and a sunburn so everybody was all dark. I had to bust a little photo shop so you could kind of see people. Here we have from right to left, Noto-previously Motorex, Kenji-Mackin, Ken-American Gymkhana, Quinne-Ken’s daughter, Jon-RS*R, Rei-Hiro’s wife, Hiro Sumido-Chaser Formula D drifter, Gary Castillo-Design Craft the slowest fab shop(j/k), bad motherfucker -Cosworth/XS, Ken Gushi-Mustang FD drifter, Ben-RS*R, Andy Cheng-HKS,forgot his name-RS*R,Daijiro the Rockstar-240SX FD drifter, Masa Kuji-Best Motoring Video, Taku-Sony Playstation, dunno his name-dunno his company, Masahiko Takagi-Club Zero, Mark-Sport Compact Car Magazine publisher. Dunno if you caught the bad motherfucker, but I was kidding (it’s from Pulp Fiction). Good times.

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