I got my tix to the Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowl on June 8. I’m excited about this concert because The Smiths are one of my favorite bands of all time. Of course the Smiths are broken up, but the genius of Morrissey and Marr’s songwriting must now be experienced only through Morrissey these days and Morrissey is still pretty damn good. I wish I was old enough to have experienced The Smiths in concert, but oh well. The Smiths existed only between 1982-87, but in that short time they released 4 of the best records in the world. Yes, you younger people, I said records. The first Smiths CD to be released was “Strangeways, Here I Come” in 1987.

I saw Morrissey back in 2005 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and that was a really good show. I was standing in the second row getting crushed by all of the hysterical fans who wished they were Morrissey himself. It’s strange how Morrissey has a bunch of psycho fans. And I mean PSYCHO: tatoos of Morrissey’s face, the Pompadour hair, creepers (the shoes the ‘mods’ wore back in junior high), etc. Since the Hard Rock show was standing only (no seating), there were people standing outside the night before and waiting all day long. I was lucky enough to be a Hard Rock VIP back then so come 8PM, I walked inside right in front of those people waiting all night. The only difference is that I risked loosing a shitload of money at the casino and they didn’t. Oh well, there’s gotta be some kind of benefit right? Anyway, if you’re going to the Morrissey concert at the Hollywood Bowl, stop by and say hi.


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