LACMA and Rene Magritte

I’m not a museum or art type person, but I went to Los Angeles County Museum of Art last week and checked out the Rene Magritte Exhibition. I gotta say that some his art is pretty interesting. I read in pamphlets and programs many words describing his work: surrealism, post-modern, and contemporary. Regardless, it was pretty cool. You can’t be doing car shit all the time. You gotta balance your life out (or try at least). Thanks to Mitsuko for taking me.
Do you remember the movie The Thomas Crown Affair and the painting of the dude with a bowler hat? Magritte painted The Son Of Man in 1964. Also there was the part when they were in the museum and there were like 150 Pierce Brosnans walking around with a bowler hat.
This is one of Rene Magritte’s most famous works. In French it says, “This is not a pipe.” Could have fooled me, but hey, it’s his painting.

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