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When people think about popular car scenes, I’d put a hefty wager that nobody’s first thought is about Wisconsin. But as these two Top Secret kitted out R35 GTRs would indicate, you may be surprised. We’ve somehow managed to draw not only a larger volume of cars in recent years but also the quality and variety is always superb.
Given the small-town venue, we have occasionally burst our spatial limitations. It doesn’t take long to fill up our designated boundaries on our season opener in May. Usually after the first thirty minutes there will already be a sprawl of sports cars down the nearby side streets.
Fortunately, it didn’t take much convincing to get permission from the city to block off the street in front of our showroom to use for parking during our gatherings. For some reason, people always seem to show up well before we’re allowed to close the street to try and get a spot. So please, if you do show up, wait until 8 AM to avoid getting your car towed for blocking traffic.
Some of our “early risers” can get a little testy when you tell them to park someplace else until we can close the street. This Carrera RS clone is based on a 1973 model 911E and was built by local IMSA racers and Porsche enthusiasts Kelly Moss Motorsports utilizing all original parts from a ’73 Carrera RS. Purists may turn their nose and scoff at the idea of a clone, but I can dig it. These sorts of vehicles seem to exist in a pedigree purgatory.
Being in the Midwest, it's not very typical to see an exotic car driving around, but we get a fair variety to make an appearance. This Murcielago is a consistent attendee yet it always has a group of people crowding around it.

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