Lake Mills Cars & Coffee


With the great variety of vehicles, we also get a broad variety of personalities of the owners. Something that I’m always pleasantly impressed with is the lack of division amongst our attendees. You probably couldn’t have any two vehicles more different than these two. One is an old school, classic-styled salt flat racer from Rolling Bones in New York and the other a modern turbocharged Volkswagen on air-ride suspension. Very different tastes and directions, but both built on quality with a clear goal. 
Racecars also make an occasional appearance, such as the Open Light class rally car of Relentless Racing which was actually driven all the way from Traverse City, Michigan to attend.
…to this classic monoposto basking in the morning sunshine…
…and this fully caged Evo VIII with side exit exhaust, huge Kognition wing, and large front splitter. It certainly seemed to be prepped for something more serious than track days, but I haven't really seen it around since. Street car, race car, collectible classic, or homebrewed kit-car, they're all welcome at Cars & Coffee.
Car clubs will typically arrive as a group so they can park together, such as this collection of well-kept BMW 2002s…
…or this bunch of more modern roundel-wearing German powerhouses with their twin turbo straight sixes and naturally aspirated V10s.

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