Le Mans R35 GT-R on the Way?


Does that look good or what? The center lock wheels are DOPE. Is Nissan building a 600hp Le Mans edition R35 GT-R for the street? I don’t think so. It all sounds like speculation to me. I can’t believe Nissan ever raced Le Mans with the lard ass BCNR33 GT-R. They’ll need to cut the weight of the R35 by over 1700 lbs. to be competitve at Le Mans. A Corvette C6R at Le Mans weighs about 2500 lbs. and makes 650bhp, but a R35 at Le Mans would be dope though.


The front is a little wack looking with the triple gaynards if you ask me. Maybe they work, but they’re Wack with a capital W. I dig the profile view above though. Another caption says 30 cars will be built and maybe 300 cars for the retail market? My Japanese sucks ass…


Source: The Motor Report Australia

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