Super Lap Battle Finals 2008


The cars are getting faster every year which is pretty exciting. Almost all of the cars below are now faster than the Cyber EVO from a couple years ago. Here are the final results overall. The Time Attack was at Buttonwillow Raceway, configuration 13 clockwise, Wednesday, November 12, 2008. The air was nice and cool for the turbo engines and the sun was out to bring up the track temperatures. It was the perfect day for a time attack.


CAR, TEAM/BUILDER, ENGINE, TIRE, HORSEPOWER (approximate), Driver, Lap Time


1st: Subaru GD Impreza STi, Cusco/Tomei, Tomei, Hankook C91, 450bhp, Eiji “Tarzan” Yamada, 1:44:372

2nd: Honda S-2000, C-West/Design Craft, Brian Crower, Hankook C91, 390whp, Tyler Mcquarrie, 1:46.893

3rd: Subaru GRB Impreza STi, Crawford, Crawford, Hankook C91, 600whp, Tanner Foust, 1:47.052

4th: Porsche 993 Turbo, JIC/Hankook, JIC, Hankook C91, a lot, Paul Brown, 1:47.868

5th: Honda NSX, Factor X, Factor X, Yokohama A-048 G/S, a lot, Billy Johnson, 1:47.965

6th: Subaru GC Impreza, GST, Cosworth, BFG R1?, 550whp, Gary Sheehan, 1:48.038

7th: Nissan 350Z, M-Workz, Cosworth, used Hankook C-91, 470whp, Billy Johnson, 1:48.471


After 7th, everybody else was 1:50 and slower. It looks like the FR cars were dicing it up with the AWD cars pretty good. The Cusco/Tomei STi was about 1.1 seconds away from the HKS EVOs lap record of 1:43.5. Pretty damn good considering the budget for this car was minimal when compared to the HKS EVO. The car was retired before the last session due to a broken transmission. The C-West S2000 was probably making less power than 390whp. It had severe gouges in the cylinder walls. How do I know that? Because Monday night at about 11:30pm I was inside the car listening for detonation on XS Engineering’s dyno when it dropped a valve. Gary (the procrastinating Filipino) pretty much pulled the head, pulled the pistons, honed the block, dropped in new pistons and a new head. The car made it to Buttonwillow Wednesday morning to take 2nd place overall and fastest American built Time Attack car in USA. The M-Workz 350z made its best showing to date with the car’s fastest time ever. I wonder how fast it would have gone with NEW Hankooks and more boost? The GST Motorsports GC Impreza looked pretty damn mean with its new widebody and flat black look. Same deal though: how fast would it have gone if it had brand new Hankooks? I think the GST Impreza could have went 1:45 or so. I guess we’ll never know, but next year should be an exciting year for time attack.



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