Little Car vs. Big Car

In this day and age of cars that are big and heavy coupled with the high speeds and performance they are capable of, bad things can happen when a small car collides into a big car. This is especially the true when a big rig or semi-truck hits a smaller car. In the US where traffic moves fast and where we have tens of thousands of miles open highways and big heavy cars, I would be scared shitless to drive a tiny little car.

In smaller countries it is relatively safe to drive smaller cars. A perfect example is Japan where Kei cars (660cc micro cars) [thanks for correction Alex] ]are easier to drive, save a ton of gas, easy to find parking for, are cheap and affordable and are relatively safe to drive due to the slower speeds on both streets and highways (short of the Wangan at 4:30AM where you'll literally see Skyline GT-Rs, Supras, and the occasional motorcycle blasting at 200+mph). In general slower speeds equal a lower mortality rate in severe accidents.

I got this email today of an accideint in Brazil. According to Wikipedia (you know it must be true), Brazil has the 4th largest highway system in the world believe it or not. The email came saying “Don't text and drive!”, but I cannot see from the pictures that the dude was trying to text. I think it was just pictures from a fucked up accident and some goody two shoe decided to make it an email safety campaign. It is probably good enough to freak some people out though. Anyhow, it is small car vs. big car. WARNING: THIS IS GORY! DO NOT SCROLL DOWN FURTHER IF YOU CANNOT HANDLE CRAZY SHIT!

The laws of physics generally keep me from driving a tiny car here in the US. My buddy nick pulled up in a Smart Car one day and aside from thinking how gay he was, I was thinking that it was a death wish driving a Smart Car in the US. I think I would rather be riding a motorcycle than driving a Smart sized car.

At first glance I thought it was a smart car, but it is some kind of Volkswagen. Either way it is a small car and somebody messed up on the road.

There's a torso…in the back seat.

Yes in the driver's seat is spinal column and you can see blood splatter and smearing in the back seat. I keep thinking about physics here and how many people who hop behind the wheel of a tiny car don't thinking about what can happen.


I bet that hurt.

And there you have the reason why you should not drive a Smart Car or any other sub-sub-compact car in the United States or any other country with a large high speed highway system. The money you save in small ass car just isn't worth it.

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