LRS Formula at Magny-Cours


LRS Formula definitely provided a first-class experience. Here’s the snack bar halfway through the morning. 

At the beginning of the day for everyone’s arrival, a variety of pastries were provided. The cooler was stocked with water and other beverages all day. And, of course, dual Nespresso machines made sure that European-style coffee was always available. In the afternoon, pastries became candy bars and other treats. LRS wanted to make sure that you were topped up on human fuel, just like they kept the cars in shape for the drivers.

But wait, there’s more.

A full three-course catered lunch was also provided — quite a surprise.

I am not sure if LRS used on-site catering from the circuit or brought food in. Either way, the quality and quantity of food was simply outstanding. A slice of terrine/loaf and green salad, a wonderful piece of steak with potatoes gratin and a roasted tomato, and a wonderful chocolate-y mousse-y thing. I tried not to eat all of it because I didn’t want to make myself sick once I got back in the car. I couldn’t help myself. Fortunately we had almost two hours from lunch before our next driving session.

But wait, there’s more.


In addition to your driving sessions, you also got a ride-along in a three seater Formula One-style car.
This is a modified Formula One-style chassis where there are now two additional seats — one in each side pod. It is equipped with either a Cosworth V8 or a Renault V10. I didn't realize there were two options and I never asked which one it was!
It’s a really interesting experience to be sitting in the side of a formula chassis, watching the wheelman do his thing.

The driver did not hold back, I can assure you. This was no putt-putt around the the track kind of ride. Complete with squirrely braking and opposite-lock corner exit, our pilot was easily going 9/10ths. In fact, when Ainsley and I got into the car for our ride-along, the brakes were smoking away.


Our ride-along pilot was also our instructor, Nicolas Schatz (French). He was our instructor mostly because he spoke the best English out of all the instructors, but also because he’s a damn good wheelman himself.

Instructors were stationed around the track at the various corners taking notes. They collected notes after each session and met with each driver to provide some tips and pointers. If you are wondering why this sounds a little odd, it’s because it is. From the very first session out on the track, there is zero on-track supervision. There are flaggers, and that’s it. No pace car. No remote vehicle shutdown. No data logging. It was a surprising and refreshing and somewhat terrifying experience, to be honest.

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