LRS Formula at Magny-Cours


There’s still more. Want to drive a Formula One car? You sure can. Here our new friend Martin (who lives in Australia but is from the UK and was just stopping by for the event) drives a 2001 Prost AP04 with a V10 Peugeot engine. This is one of the “entry level” Formula One options.
If you want it to go to 11, you have the option of driving a 2011 Williams FW33 in as-raced trim, complete with 900+ BHP. It took the LRS team most of the day to prepare the FW33 just to start, and then it took several computers and staff members to get it all warmed up and ready. After Martin took it out for several laps, he got a full debrief looking at all of the data collected on the car. LRS has a wealth of experience in all types of formula racing, and it shows. The total cost for a few sessions in the Formula Renault (warm up) and the FW33? 5,950 euros. While that initially sounds like an outrageous sum, after some thought it seems quite reasonable.

Don’t worry — the Formula Renault experience is much more reasonably priced at 1,197 euros for four sessions and the F1 ride along (per person). In fact, it’s cheaper than some US-based track days when combined with a rental race car!



In the end, I have to give LRS Formula a lot of credit. They took a large group of drivers, some of whom had limited or no on-track experience before, threw them in a bunch of twitchy Formula Renaults, and let them have at it. There were zero incidents all day other than a few spins. Everyone left safe and sound, and with huge smiles on their faces.

10/10 A+, would do again.

LRS Formula

Circuit Magny-Cours

Renault Sport

US Formula 4 Championship

My Youtube lap of Magny-Cours in the Formula Renault


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