Making the Fast Car Faster with a Wilwood Big Brake System!


There is some production variance in the hubs and knuckles from car to car.  This isn't a big deal with stock floating calipers but it becomes an issue when using fixed racing calipers.  Wilwood provides shims to adjust the cantering of the new calipers for the individual car.
The new rotor is slid into place.  Slotted rotors are used to help evacuate vaporized pad material from the friction surface, thereby improving pad bite.  This serves the same function as drilling the rotors but without the risk of cracking.  Drilled rotors on a race car will crack.
Next the caliper is installed with the brake pads in place.
Now that's an awesome brake system for an Integra!
The new brake system just barely clears the Enkei 16″ RPF1 wheel.  The RPF1 is one of the lightest and strongest wheels for the money.  The wheel starts off as a high pressure die cast blank.  The lip and the barrel of the wheel are then roll formed under high pressure to their final shape, effectively forging them.  This gives some of the strength and light weight of a forged wheel for an affordable price.  The new brakes weigh 5.7 lbs per wheel more than the previous Wilwood system.  Just to note that the previous system was extremely light, especially the Dynalite caliper. The new system has a much stiffer caliper and the mechanical differences are much greater in how they affect the car than the raw numbers would seem to indicate.


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