Making the Fast Car Faster with a Wilwood Big Brake System!



We got Edik's driving impressions after he got done kicking everyone's ass at Cal Speedway.  Cal Speedway is one of the hardest track in our area on brakes.  You decelerate from as fast as your car will go to about 50 mph to make a sharp 90 degree turn into the infield.  When observing Edik's car, it was obvious that this was the area he was gaining on the rest of the MPTCC and Honda Challenge field the most.  In every turn that required hard braking Edik was clearly the best and most consistent braking car.  Edik told us that he had to increase his rear brake bias because the front brakes were working so well.  He said the pedal was firmer and more consistent.  The biggest thing he commented about was that he could brake much deeper which took some getting used to, he was finding that he was braking 50-70 feet too early for many turns.  Considering that he had the entire field covered by a couple of seconds at least, to us it looked like all of his advantage was in braking and cornering.  His car was not any faster than the others down the straight or on the oval.  


Edik's car just can't be caught.  In the later stage of races, it is still running fast and strong after the competition's brakes and tires have faded away.

Edik was really impressed with the new Wilwood system and observing from the stands, it was readily apparent that he had the whole field covered when it came to braking (and just about everything else).  By looking at the brakes after the race we would also say that the final advantage to this kit seems to be much longer brake pad life, probably 30% more than before.  We also noted a similar improvement when we went from a big brake kit to a bigger brake kit on Dai Yoshihara's car.


Edik Stepanyan integra


The people who won't be thanking Wilwood are Edik's fellow MPTCC competitors. With his greatly improved brakes Edik will now be even harder to beat!




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