I’ve been severely lagging on blog entries. I’ve been busy with other stuff so I just haven’t had much time. Anyhow, so I’ve been listening to random downloaded mp3s that fall into a category called mashups. I’m sure it’s nothing new to the djs and party people out there, but I figured I would introduce some sites anyway. Mashups are basically mixed songs that djs get creative on take a beat from one song, maybe a rhythm or bass line from another, then vocals from another and mix it all up. Some are cool, some are wack, but mostly they are kind of creative. Check’em out:

Party Ben mashups mashups

dj BC: The Boston Mash-up Project

DJ Earworm Mashups

You can also go on limewire and just type in “mashups”. A ton will come up. To be honest most of them are good for a listen or two and that’s about it. Party Ben has a couple of sets he did live at a couple parties that you can download that are pretty cool though. Enjoy.

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