Toshi is selling his S13

If anybody is interested in buying a pretty dope S13, check it out here. Of course this car is partially dope because it used to be mine’s until Toshi decided that he needed a buff ass daily driver and practically forced me to sell it to him. It was my track car and I was having a blast with it, but I’m always down to help out a friend (and make a buck). It really is a good car. Check out the specs here. I think he’s asking only $16.5k obo. That’s less than what I sold it to him for, but I sold it to Tosh almost 1.5 years ago.

This car will smoke most SR20 powered cars simply because of the torque from the Turbo KA24DE. It’s super easy to drift and it will run laps around other cars at the track. Seriously. And I built it like it was my own car. Of course that’s because it was my car. Whoever buys this car will be one lucky motherf_cker.

Tomorrow I fly to Texas to tune a couple cars and take a road trip back to LA. Have a nice 3 day weekend and don’t forget to pour one for the homies.

Streets of Willow in 2005. That day Steve Mitchell-350z, Mike Kojima-200SX SE-R, and I were smoking the shit out of everybody. I liked this S13 so much, that’s why I’m building another one. Stay tuned.

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