Masters Of Motors Episode 1, The SEMA Edition

Check it out as Industry Illuminaries Brian Lohnes, Steve Brule, David Freiburger, and our own Mike Kojima duke it out and pick out winners in JE Pistons and Race Winning Brands, Master of Motors Award at the 2018 SEMA show.  At SEMA there were a lot of difficulties picking out truly trick engines out of the show and bling that is SEMA.

The SEMA show attracts the gamut of builds from hollow, not running engines with a lot of chrome set in show car engine bays to true, real deal race engine. See what the judges pick as the best motors at the show and watch how they fight over engineering vs car crafting.  Who will win?

Who will end up winning the 85 lb solid billet JE Pistons Masters of Motors Trophy? Watch and see!




  1. Awesome video. I liked the mixed points of view but I’m definitely with mike on most of those. I like how he points out power density of the toyota. I hate everyone talking about HP per cubic inch. Power to weight is the most important metric to me.

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