On my b-day this past weekend, Troy from XS organized a last minute dinner and some friends came out to Mastro’s in Costa Mesa. Of course Toshi was present, Gary from Design Fab, and some of my close friends showed up. I didn’t even know about it until a couple hours before. Anyhow, the food at Mastro’s is REALLY good. You have to check out the sides too because they’re ridiculously good. I’d recommend the macaroni and cheese, cream spinach, and the gnocci. Expect to consume about 5,000-8,000 calories in one sitting to absorb the entire Mastro’s experience. Expensive and will increase your cholesterol count, but definitely good. Sometimes you gotta say fuck the diet. The atmosphere is pretty nice too. Expect to pay Morton’s type prices, but with a more modern atmoshpere with meat equally as good. No leather studded seats and old dudes sipping Cognac at Mastro’s. In fact the table next to us was like 16 under 25 year old chicks with silicone enhancements (absolutely nothing wrong with that….). Mastro’s has a location in Beverly Hills too so go check it out if you live on the west side.


48oz Porterhouse. I think it was like 2″ thick. My buddy Jeff the Tokyo Pimp will cry when he reads this because a steak like this in Tokyo would be like $500.


My half of a 33oz ribeye. Super tasty….


Giant onion rings seasoned and fried to perfection.


Butter cake. You know it’s tasty if it has butter in the name.


After you eat enough meat for a cro-magnon, you’ll definitely want to walk it off a bit. Mastro’s in Costa Mesa is located next to a office building and in the courtyard is this “garden” designed by this Japanese dude. It’s pretty trippy so you should check that out too.

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