The World’s Gayest Head

So I was checking out some 2007 Ford Mustang GT heads last week and I must say that they are the The World’s Lamest Heads; at least for a “performance” vehicle. I’m sure there are heads that are more lame, but the Mustang GT is supposed to be a muscle car. This is 2007 the last time I checked. Looking at these heads I thought I was in 1984.

First of all the heads use some of the world’s dirtiest aluminum in the casting. Fuck is it nasty. It’s so nasty that I thought the heads were cast iron at first glance. Second, the heads have only one cam each. You have to buy a Cobra if you want the twin cam heads. Third, they have CAST IRON VALVES. Hahah….fucking lame. Fourth, they have the world’s smallest exhaust ports (almost as gay as the BMW Mini, but I’ll get into that later). Fifth, the valves are purposely shrouded. It’s almost like Ford did not want the ports to flow at all. Sixth, they have stamped steel rockers. Lastly, the spark plug sits like 1″ inside the head like a rotary. Only it’s not a rotary.

I actually like the way the new, current body Mustang GT looks, but I lost all respect for the engine after I saw these piles of shit heads. I have no doubt that after some extensive work they can be made to flow pretty decent, but out of the box they are pretty fucking lame for a production head in the year 2007.

YOU WONDER WHY FORD LOST $5.8 BILLION LAST YEAR. THAT COMES OUT TO LOSING THE EQUIVALENT OF 1 MUSTANG EVERY 2 MINUTES. DO US A FAVOR FORD AND JUST STOP MAKING LAME CARS AND ENGINES!! There hasn’t been a decent American Ford product in a long time except for 5.0’s of the past, quad cam Cobras, GT500, and some of their trucks. You need big American trucks to tow your car to the track. Sure we owe Henry Ford the credit of creating the modern automobile and the origins of the assembly line, but everybody after him fucked everything else up. And you wonder why every other car company except for Ford, GM, and Chrysler are making money…..

gay head 3.jpg World’s Gayest Head detail #1. Don’t laugh too hard…your EVO has stamped steel rockers that break too.

gay head 2.jpg World’s Gayest Head detail #2

gay head.jpg

World’s Gayest Head detail #3


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