Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 2


The rear legs and some of the bars from the main hoop to the forward bars are tacked into place.
To get full 360 degree welds, around the area of the roof, Costa takes the cage off the raised floor plates which allows him to lower the cage so he can weld in the areas hidden by the roof.  A lot of other fabricators don't bother.  I have probably seen this in about half the cages I inspect!  I have even seen this in cages built by famous tuners both here and in Japan, even some legendary cars have shoddy construction in this area.  Not cars that Costa builds!
At this point Costa also adds some extra tubes to reinforce critical roof joints.
Costa welding the tube tops.
After the tops of the tubes are welded, the cage will be put in its final place and the rest of the welds completed.
Nice full 360 degree welds everywhere.  I have seen cases in very violent accidents where improperly welded cages fail.  A couple of times the results were fatal.


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