Matt Powers 2012 Formula D ride Part 4


It is super important for any competition car to have bombproof plumbing and wiring.  80% of DNF’s are caused by problems in wiring and plumbing.  Since plumbing and wiring deal with electricity, fuel, oil, coolant and brake fluid and every single one of these is critical for a car to run, you have to pay close attention to all of this stuff! For plumbing GTI selected Earl’s Performance Plumbing as their supplier.  Earl’s manufactures aircraft grade A/N fittings and hose, the proper stuff for any race car or serious street car.  Earl’s brake lines are shown here.
Earl’s Swivel Seal Ano Tuff AN fittings were used to plumb the car.  These are positive locking fittings with a sealed swivel in them to make them less installment sensitive.  They are hard anodized black.
Correct hose assembly is important for a reliable junction.  Earl’s assembly lube is used to get the hose on the fitting.
A bead of lube is applied to the fitting.
The fitting nut is slipped over the end of the hose.  We used Earl’s Pro Lite hose, a light and tough Nylon clad hose that can operate at up to 350 psi.  We like Pro Lite because it is much lighter than traditional braided steel and does not abrade everything in its path like braided steel can.
This is an Earl’s hose assembly vice tool.  The tool holds the fitting nut.

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