Mazda Motorsports Media Day


Rotaries typically have a low tolerance for being overheated, so a nice central hood vent helps out with  the cooling cause.


There are some interesting features on the passenger side of the car.  There's an air scoop for something at the base of the windshield on the fender.  At the back of the 'window' is another air scoop.  The exhaust on this car also dumps out on the right side like the 787.  I'm not positive on what's happening with the cutout in the bodywork, but I think that's the muffler sitting behind the mesh.  So the cutout might be just because the exhaust would burn the bodywork if there was a panel covering the exhaust; rotaries do run pretty toasty EGTs!  Looking back at the 787, the opening in the right side of the car may have been used to get cooling air to the exhaust also placed on the right side.  Hey, it would make sense to use similar concepts on both cars wouldn't it?  Using air to cool down the exhaust would also help explain the sheet metal vents on the 787 in front of the exhaust exit.


A close-up of the scoop at the back of the side window reveals two hoses.


A peek inside the cockpit shows a much more simple dash and cage design compared to a contemporary race car.


Rotaries chug more fuel than your typical frat kid can chug beer.  Hence the three fuel pumps.


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