Mazdaspeed Motorsports Media Day


Here is the first Mazda2 B-Spec demo car built by Tri-Point Engineering.  The engine is 100% stock other than a drop in air filter and catback exhaust.  The suspension consists of a set of Bilstein coilovers and a rear sway bar.  The B-Spec cars are very easy to maintain and would really only require washing the car and the occasional oil change.  Since the cars are so light they are easy on the consumables such as brakes and tires.  


Mazdaspeed is the brainchild behind the B-Spec series which is just about the cheapest way to build a car that can compete with most of the major pro racing outfits in the US.  Their Mazda2 B-Spec Kit which includes all of the homologated parts required for racing totals up to a paltry $2575 and can be purchased directly from Mazdaspeed.  Just add safety equipment plus wheels/tires and you have a car that is legal to dice it up with the pros in World Challenge, Grand Am, CTCC, and SCCA Club Racing.  The Mazda2 B-Spec car would also fit nicely in the MotoIQ Tuner Under category.  

The whole Mazdaspeed package will set you back $2575.  Your biggest expense in building a B-Spec car would likely be the necessary safety equipment.


The Miata is the undisputed champion when it comes to grassroots wheel to wheel racing.  It features a proper front and rear SLA suspension, 50/50 weight distribution, and an indestructible motor.  They don’t make a ton of power but they handle extremely well and are fun to drive.  


The interior of a Playboy MX5 Cup car is all business.


Rotary fireballs still live on in many forms of racing.  Patrick Dempsey (yes THAT Patrick Dempsey) owns a team that fields a two car RX8 team in Grand Am.  Dempsey finished 3rd at the 24 Hours of Daytona in 2011 in a Mazda RX8.  All of the RX8's are powered by dry sumped 3 rotor 20B rotaries.  



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