Mazdaspeed Motorsports Media Day


This might be Mazda’s 2nd most famous rotary behind the RX7.  This is the Mazda 787B which won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1991 and is to date the only rotary and the only Japanese manufacturer to ever win Le Mans.  


The Mazda 787B on the left, and the older Mazda 787 on the right.  These two cars finished 1st and 8th at Le Mans.  The car on the right is the actual car that Mazda brought out to the event. 


If you really want your son or daughter to drive Indy cars as a career, the “Mazda Road to Indy” is your clearest path to the IndyCar series.  It is a ladder series starting with the USF2000 series, the Star Mazda series, and then Indy Lights.  The smaller USF2000 formula cars are powered by Mazda MZR 4 bangers.  Pictured here are the bigger, faster Star Mazda formula cars that are powered by….  Renesis rotaries!


Mazda cleaned house in ALMS in 2011 by securing the championships in the team, driver, manufacturer's, and GreenX categories.  The team is headed by Dyson Racing and their Lola chassis uses a Mazda MZR based 2.0L 4 cylinder turbo.  According to Dyson Racing the Mazda motor makes more power per cylinder than the current Formula 1 V8’s.  Two Mazda MZR powered cars from Dyson will make the starting grid at the 2012 24 Hours of Le Mans.  


McDreamy!  The RX8’s in the Grand Am Rolex GT class are actually silhouette cars powered by a motor that is correct for the brand.  These RX8's are tube frame cars built by Riley Technologies with RX8 body panels and of course a Mazda 20B rotary.   Their bodywork is carbon fiber from tip to tail.


See you at the track!  ZOOM ZOOM!


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