Meguiar’s “Quik Tip Series” Video: How to Create a Smooth as Glass Paint Finish


Meguiar’s Car Care has just introduced the next Quik Tips video in their ongoing series. Posted today, “How to Create a Smooth as Glass Paint Finish” is a quick and easy guide detailing how to remove bonded contaminants and achieve a smooth as glass paint surface on every vehicle. As we all know, cars are constantly bombarded with tree sap mist, over spray, fallout and even road tar that can easily bond to your paint’s surface creating a rough feel and poor reflections.  Meguiar’s® Smooth Surface Clay Kit is the right choice for every paint job.

Follow the links below to check out the rest of the series:

#1 – Restoring Foggy Headlights

#2 – The 5-Step Paint Care Cycle

#3 – Washing 101

#4 – Choosing the Right Wheel Cleaner


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