World Time Attack 2010 – Results


The dude on the right is taking Tarzan’s place for 3rd since Tarzan drove two cars that placed 1st and 3rd. That’s Emp on the left.

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As you can see, things didn’t quite work out for the Sierra Sierra EVO 8 once the CyberEVO got up and running. The CyberEVO’s performance was nothing short of amazing. While SSE, Emp, and myself tried our best, we could not defy the laws of physics. I believe it is the CyberEVOs weight of 1125kg (2475lb) versus the SSE EVO 8’s weight of 1263kg (2777lb) that made the CyberEVO so damn fast. It might also be Tarzan having driven all the CyberEVOs since the EVO 5 as well, but the bottom line is that the CyberEVO is faster. Needless to say, SSE learned that a proper race car doesn’t necessarily make an ideal time attack car. A proper race car cage, brakes, chassis, and coolng system does not make a lightweight time attack car. Clown the CyberEVO’s cage, safety equipment (or lack of), and rough attention to detail, but it is fast as hell and does exactly what it is supposed to do very well. You can bet there will be some changes and/or plan changes with the new SIerra Sierra car (whatever car it may end up being).

The Cusco/Tomei STi is also very fast, but the Cosworth powered SSE EVO 8 was able to fend the STi off with horsepower. The Aussie Lotus picked it up considerably on day two also. The Panspeed FD hurt a turbo and the team changed it, but the track conditions were already deteriorating by the last session. Mark Berry also piloted his Advan/Hi Octane BNR34 GTR to his personal best after a couple days of struggling with problems.

Overall Superlap Australia threw an excellent event. I would approximate spectator count to be in the 8-10,000 people range and there were something like 100 competitors. I think Eastern Creek is almost ideally setup for a time attack with their parking, garage facilities, and spectator viewing facilities. It was the best time attack I have attended to date. Aside from the international time attack teams and cars, for the crowds there was a drift demo with Mr. Ueno from Vertex and Yoshioka (I think he drives AE86s), enough Aussie hotties to make the day a little more pleasant, and plenty of vendors displaying their parts and services. I hope SSE gets invited to the 2011 Australian Superlap World Time Attack Challenge. I certainly look forward to next year’s event.

It sounds like the Rev Speed magazine people from Japan are also interested in possibly throwing an international time attack in Japan. The Rev Speed time attacks are open to the public, but I’m sure they don’t get crowds like the WTA although that’s what they are banking on. Redline, Superlap (USA), and Time Attack UK are you reading this? Get a big tire sponsor and invite the top cars from other countries! Spectators will come.

Enough time attack…I’ve had a week of it straight. A press day was cancelled for Monday so I’m going to enjoy Sydney for the next several days. I will write some stuff on Australia when I get back. This place is awesome.

Volk CE28s on the SSE EVO 8 are the bomb. Thanks for letting me jack this picture whether you know it or not, Carter. The first two photos were taken by Alastair Ritchie from New Zealand.

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