Mike Kojima Inspired Datsun S30


Like many enthusiasts Nino had some help along the way; one source being our local suspension guru “When faced with an empty sheet to design my front suspension on, I turned to the MotoIQ forums for some insight on key target values. Quite unexpectedly Mike himself answered my question about the “Theoretically perfect MacPherson front suspension for the racetrack”, and while I had to work within constraints of rules, parts availabilities and fabrication possibilities, I tried to stay close to his suggestions. This kind of helpfulness and approachability is very rare in a field as intensely competitive as motorsport. Of course I may still have screwed up real bad, but that will be entirely the result of my veering off his target values due to the aforementioned constraints. Anyways, there's quite some adjustability designed into the suspension, and I have all the time in the world to refine it until it works as intended. I've had this car for over a decade, and I have no intention to abandon the platform in the future. So whenever it will finally come good, be it the first incarnation or the hundredth, I'll be there to enjoy it to the fullest.” 


aardvark 260z


aardvark 260z
Nino used white as the base and the side view is meant to evoke the rising sun and the Japanese flag.  The top is Hungarian tri color and Nino wanted to use the color theme of the car to symbolize the friendship between the two nations.


350z powerplant in 260z chassis
You can tell Nino is a little more than enthusiastic about the use of individual throttle bodies on the car.  He wanted the mix of the old school hot rod look with the modern day benefits of fuel injection.  The 350z engine is modified with a set of C8 camshafts from JWT, Eagle connecting rods and an oil pump off the VQHR.


For project goals Nino is a hooligan like the rest of us preferring to keep the car sideways whenever possible “I'm also very curious if we can make something with such a short wheelbase (90.55″) somewhat driftable, as I'd love to spend at least as much time on full opposite lock in the Z as I've spent in my trusty old AE86. However, the main design goal was to build something quick around the track with proper period looks, sound and attitude, all while achieving modern-day speed, safety and repairability.”


tamiya 260z
The details go so far as this Tamiya model graphic illustration of the project one of Nino's fans created.  I think we're all getting a sense of how much this car has been loved since its days of being abandoned in someone's backyard.


The video below summarizes the build and finishes with the first start up of the engine.  Best of luck finishing the project Nino and if we make it to Budapest sometime you’ll have to toss us the keys.




260z build pics

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