Project Nissan 370Z – Installing B&M’s Short Throw Shifter

Project Nissan 370Z – Installing B&M's Short Throw Shifter

by Clint Boisdeau


One item that is typically at or near the the top of a performance enthusiast’s list of modifications is a short throw shifter.  In many cases short shifters are relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and are a modification that is directly related to improving the driver’s interaction with the vehicle.  B&M, a long time aftermarket manufacturer of products related to precision gear selection, has a short shifter offering for the 370Z/G37/350Z/G35 6 speed manual transmission cars.

The shift lever itself is made from 303 stainless steel, and it resides in a CNC machined aluminum pivot base.  The rest of the associated parts are well thought out,  and the kit even comes with a tube of multi-purpose lube for the install.  The instructions are detailed and straight forward, they even tell you what tools will be required for the install.  So if you read through the directions prior to install, you can be 100% prepared with the correct tools and not have to stop half way for an auto parts store run to pick up a wrench.  


For the beginning of the install, it's best to keep the car off jack stands since you'll be stepping in and out most likely. Later in the install you will have to put the car on 4 stands to reach a shift linkage bolt. But more on that later.


The shifter cover pops off with minimal fuss and no tools, just pull firmly. But be careful not to pull completely off quickly because of the connectors on the underside for the hazard light and S-mode (if so equipped) buttons.


Next will be a few Philip's head screws to loosen so you can remove the appropriate interior panels for later.

Push down on the clip so you can pull the interior panel away from the center console. Same process on the opposite side. The panels are very easy to remove if you pull firmly.


Fold the seat forward to loosen the center console rear screws. Removing these will allow movement of the entire center console which will come in handy for manoeuvring parts out of the way of the shifter itself and to gain access to other bolts that will need to be removed later.


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