Project Nissan 370Z – Installing B&M’s Short Throw Shifter


Once the bolt is out of the way the entire shifter assembly is free to be removed from above.


Here was the tricky part, per the B&M instructions I placed the shift knob in a vice wrapped in towels so I could remove the factory shift knob to free up all the rubber shift boots I needed to transfer over to the new shifter.  This ended up being a quick and efficient way to ruin the OEM shift knob.  Leaving me with a shift knob still stuck on the shift lever, and the leather covering in the vice completely destroyed.   I eventually got the knob off and was able to continue with the installation, but a new knob solution needed to be figured out.


Now slide the supplied metal sleeve inside the bottom of the shifter. This provides the correct diameter so that the original linkage bolt can be reused.


Use the tube of lubricant to apply a liberal amount of grease throughout the shifter cup.


Once the shifter cup has been thoroughly lubed place the reverse spring back into the center.


Place the entire new shifter assembly into the cup and tighten the linkage bolt from underneath the car.  Place the rubber ring on top of the shifter base in the matching cut out. This will supply an amount of cushion between the shifter plate and base when taking the lever out of reverse and allow the base to pop back up and into place for use in the forward gears.


Now put the blue aluminum B&M shifter plate on top of the rubber ring, and then place the stock shifter plate over that.  Push the shift lever down as if you were going into reverse so you can finger tighten the supplied bolt/washers to keep the shifter assembly in place.  Tighten the bolts to the instruction's recommended torque spec.


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