Project Nissan 370Z – Installing B&M’s Short Throw Shifter


Here the console is shifted further back out of the way to free up more workspace.


Loosen the 4 bolts holding the shifter boot base to the trans tunnel, the two bolts closest to the radio are easy to get to. But the two bolts towards the cup holder require you to push the whole center console rearwards to ease access.  Like I said, getting the center console to be manoeuvrable would come in handy.   


370Z Shifter install
Next unscrew the leather shifter boot so the shifter cover can be completely removed.


B&M 370Z short shifter insall
I zip tied the leather boot around the shift knob just to get it out of the way while I worked.


Again lift and move the entire center console so you have room to remove this wire and clips that run the length of the transmission tunnel so you can completely remove the shifter boot base.


Turn the rubber shift boots up and out of the way so you can loosen the bolts that secure the shifter boot base.  From this point on you'll need to get the car on jackstands or a lift to gain access to the shift linkage underneath.


Just above the driveshaft will be a rubber cover that protects the shift linkage/shifter lever mounting point.  Pull down on this cover then loosen the bolt so that you can remove the entire stock shifter assembly.


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