Mitsubishi EVO X – 4B11T Head

The 4B11T is the new EVO X engine designed and manufactured through an alliance called GEMA which consists of Mitsubishi, Hyundai, and Chrysler. Here at Cosworth we have had an EVO X head and camshafts here since October 2007. We have an entire engine assembly on the way which we will be using for the sole purpose of research and development. I’m only allowed to show you pictures of stock parts of course. Cosworth has many things planned for the 4B11T engine including strokers, big valve CNC heads, high RPM valve train, camshafts, pistons, long blocks, short blocks, studs, etc.

Disregard the jizz – it’s a protective layer of anti-corrision jizz. Looking here you can see that the combustion chambers clearly resemble those of the 4G63BT from previous EVOs. The water jackets are substantially larger as well as the intake valve. The intake valve appears MUCH larger although I have not compared the two yet.

YES!! No more bullshit hydraulics lifters and stupid ass rockers! We now have direct acting lifter buckets. They appear to be fairly large in diameter (have not measured them) which means that they will be able to accommodate high lift cam lobes.

Yes FFF, it’s really a 4B11T specifically from an EVO X.

The intake port looks ok. Nothing special, but definite room for improvement. As usual, Cosworth will go through and develop the best flowing head known to man.

The cams look fairly ordinary also except for the journals and drillings in the front for the variable cam oiling and the triggers in the rear that almost look like counterweights. Interesting stuff – it will be fun to develop a new engine and rock the competition at the same time. That sounds a bit cocky doesn’t it? Ok not rock, how about smoke the shit out of?


  1. Please contact me I’m dying for information on these over priced under powered 4bangers. The intake and exhaust valves are wrong. If the could be switched then they would be ok at best. Im supercharging one now. No it’s not a pro charger or hair dryer. It’s a positive displacement old school make monster freak power blower. If hair dryers worked then John force would have one.

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