Chickenshit Chinamen

Happy Chinese New Year – Gung Hey Fat Choy. Today is new year's day in the Chinese lunar calendar. I am second generation Chinese and lucky enough to have been born here in the USA. I say lucky because I don't work in China at some factory making $100 a month. I speak some broken ass, American accented Chinese and enjoy Dim Sum, but otherwise I'm really not very Chinese. However, it is ironic that I'm about to talk some shit about some Chinamen owned companies and factories when it's Chinese New Year.

My good friend, who would like to remain anonymous (we'll call him Endojima since he used to endo over his handlebars all the time), informed me that a certain company called AMS copied some Z32 300ZX twin turbo exhaust manifolds designed by his good friend Mike Smith of MS Performance. We're not talking about the AMS that successfully builds and races Mitsubishi EVOs. We're talking about AMS: Absolute Motor Specialties. That's funny, maybe they copied their name also. Anyhow, so MS spent a shitload of time and money ($30k+ out of pocket and thousands of hours in R&D) developing a pair of high flowing exhaust manifolds for the VG30DETT engine in the Z32 chassis. The chassis is extremely cramped so it is difficult to design exhaust manifolds that flow properly. After all of MS' hard work, these fucking chinamen came along and copied the manifolds EXACTLY. There's no changing of any radii, no reshaping ports, not a damn thing was changed except the MSP logo was changed to AMS. This is absolute robbery for several reasons:


  • If you're going to plagiarize something, at the very least you should visibly change it.
  • People like MS and other hard working, honest individuals and companies will not want to make super high quality parts anymore because the chinaman will come and copy your shit.
  • AMS has no pride because they don't give a shit that Endojima and myself are publicly slamming them. At the end of the day, all they care about is profit with zero expenses.
  • This is as close as you can get to walking into a liquor store, pointing a gun at the clerk, and taking the cash without actually doing it.

It's a shame that our industry has come to this. Even in the computer chip world, plagiarizing is done through licensing. MS is loosing their ass because these Chinamen are undercutting him with his very own design.


Is this exact or what? AMS = Any More Suckers? The real ones on the left designed by MS Performance are cast out of ductile ni-resist alloy that is cast by a Garrett foundry. The copy units on the right are made out of who knows what? Probably the same iron your front gate is made out of.

I should hope that some government body is going to protect us highly skilled people who make quality parts. And soon or else there will be no more quality parts. Chickenshit Chinamen and other fake tuners are the ones who are going to hurt the tuning industry. You readers should make sure that you are buying the real deal or else one day everything's going to be made by AMS, APC, and XS POWER (some bitches that copied the XS Engineering name and make turbos that last for 10 minutes before cracking in half).


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