EVO X 4B11T Engine Assembly

Yesterday we received an EVO X 4B11T engine assembly so that we could create our engine dyno set up at Cosworth. Why fabricate a dyno install? Because we have great things planned for the 4B11T. I was also given a piston and rod – pretty damn nice pieces from the factory. They are much nicer than the factory EVO 8/9 piston and rod, but more on this in a future post.

Serpentine fan belt looks like it will turn every which way imaginable. It looks like there will be plenty of belt traction and no belt slippage problems. The plastic idler pulleys keep things nice and light. The front dampener looks carried over from the 4G63 so you can expect those to start breaking apart in 3 years of hard use.

The raw aluminum valve cover kills me. I wish they have powder coated it the burgundy color of the 4G63 EVO engines. Otherwise this engine is pretty sano and looks well packaged. The plenum volume looks about the same as the 4G63 which means it too small for serious power. Similar flat shaped fuel rail like the EVO 8/9.
I didn’t have time to take off the heat shield, but the turbo is now clockwise rotation and the exhaust manifold flange looks like its back to the Eclipse TD05 flange at first glance. I don’t know if it’s twin scroll, but probably.

You saw it here first. It’s got a big turbine housing compared to the EVO 9.

The clutch is probably very similar to the EVO 8/9. The guys at ACT sent me a press release that says they have EVO X 5MT clutches already. This is a 5 speed engine obviously. Notice the electronic throttle also.
Here it is next to a EVO 8 engine. I was too lazy to flip the 8 engine around, but you can see that the EVO X engine is a significantly tighter package. Technology and updates are usually a good thing. We’ll have to wait and see what happens when people start tuning these engines. There’s plenty of room for a big turbo too. The guys at Cobb Tuning tell me that their Access Port is almost ready. Same with the fellas at Ecutek. It should be fun.

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