XS Power – No, Not XS Engineering

Back in the day when I answered the phones once in a while at XS Engineering, I would get these angry, pissed off customers bitching to me about an “XS” turbocharger or exhaust manifold that failed in like 10 minutes of operation or even before operation. How can a part fail before it is even used? Welcome to XS Power, SS Autochrome, or Stone Mountain products. We discovered that some assholes decided to copy the XS name. For the record, first there was XS Engineering. Then there was Turbo XS (who make decent stuff), and then there was XS Power. Jesus Christ, why can’t people think of their own names? Anyhow, this blog post should be a lesson to you cheap motherfuckers out there not to buy cheap ass, copied, made in China shit. I found these pictures by simply doing a quick Google search. I’m sure there are more on the web. Enjoy the carnage people and please, don’t be a cheap ass and do it right the first time by purchasing quality parts.

Look at those nasty ass brackets “supporting” the manifold to the flange. Then look at that clean ass welding….oh wait the flange fell off.

Imagine driving down the street and then your turbo falls off. Sounds stupid? So was this guy for buying XS Power.

No comment.

One guy’s turbo falls off. Another guy’s wastegate falls off. Are you kidding me?

The last guy wasnt’ the only one. Here’s another fallen wastegate. Notice the fake ass Tial w/g.

This guy is spending $200 to spray his valve cover and $99 on the exhaust manifold? Are you fucking kidding me?

This is before the turbo even ran. And for the finale:
Yes, the compressor housing was GLUED together. HAHAHAH….when I first saw this picture several years ago I laughed my fucking ass off. But you know what’s even funnier? There are dumb asses still buying this XS Power SHIT! The thought of saving $300 only to get fucked in the ass is still prevalent among the masses apparently. You can buy a genuine Garrett turbo for $500 these days. I commend those of you that spend your hard earned money on quality parts. I hope these dumb fucks who buy XS Power, SS Autochrome, or Stone Mountain shit learn their lesson. Of course there are those that had no idea they were about to get robbed blind, but they deserve it anyway for trying to get away with saving $300 on something as important as a turbocharger or exhaust manifold.

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