Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011


LOT-USA was also at MOD displaying their line of Bride seats, Wedsport wheels, and other JDM goodies. They had this cool looking EVO X on display from Evasive Motorsports.

The Evasive EVO was all HKS’d out (including what looks like a dangling V-Pro adapter harness) and looked like it had some serious mods done to it.

I dig the AP 6 pot brakes on the Evasive EVO X.

StopTech was also at MOD with their time attack EVO X and plenty of brake parts on display. They have balanced, big brake kit solutions for plenty of applications. I used StopTechs 4 pots on the front and 2 pots on the rear of the XS Engineering BNR32 time attack car with Performance Friction 97 pads and all of the drivers (Tarzan Yamada, Mr. Kobayashi from MCR, or Tanner Foust) had praised the car’s braking performance at one point in time or another.

Tomei Powered and Yokohama tires were also at MOD displaying their goods.

The big fat Neova tire is my choice at the bottom right of the pic.

Tomei Powered was displaying their upgrade turbos for the EVO 7, 8, 9, and 10.

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