Mitsubishi Owners Day 2011


2G Eclipses, and it looks like Talons too, are alive and well. As the cars get older, you see fewer and fewer on the roads of Southern California. It seems they all come out at once for MOD every year.

There were also a ton of 4G and 3G (not pictured) Eclipses.

There were quite a few Galant VR-4s present too. I think there were a couple of EVO 1s parked amongst the Galants as well.

Of course there were a ton of CT9A EVO 8/9s. I’m sure there were a couple of not quite legal EVO 7s around too in the mix. It looks like four cars down is even a white EVO 5. Almost all of the EVOs were modified in one way or another which is great compared to MOD 2007 when there were rows of nearly bone stock cars on display.

3000GTs galore. I always see SLs on the road driven by white women in their 40s, but there were a bunch of VR-4s representing here.

There seemed to be less Starion ESI-Rs this year. I only counted six of them. My first turbo car when I was 16 was a 1986 Starion ESI-R so I have a soft spot for these things. You gotta love the factory big box flares and deep dish wheels. The factory turbocharged, throttle body injected (2 injectors) 2.6L G54B four cylinder engine I did not love however. A perfect swap for the Starion’s engine bay would be a turbocharged Nissan VQ35DE swap with a 6 speed trans from the 350Z though. I think I need to add this swap to my bucket list after I retire.

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