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sema 2009 

Hybrid cars have only became the rage at SEMA within the past few years but taking low emissions transportation to the next level, bikes are all the trend from Ruckus to the world’s first zero-carbon, zero-emissions, electric motorcycle race bike designed by TTXGP.  Based on the proven Agni X01, the Mavizen TTX02 uses twin Agni 95 electric motors pushing out 100 peak horsepower.  It uses an FIM homologated sourced KTM RC8 chassis differentiated by the Mavizen fairings and a different color scheme.  Top speed is around 130 mph with a 25-50 mile range on the track and up to 130 normal driving miles using the lithium-ion battery 11kWh Snaefell battery pack.  320mm double disc Brembo’s provide stopping power at the front with a 220mm disc at the rear.  The drivetrain is the same as the Isle of Man TT winning Agni bike.  

This isn’t just an electric vehicle but an electronic one as well, with an on-board web interface and wifi access.  It runs a Linux operating system but has also been tested on Windows and Android may be a future option.  This connectivity allows race teams to prepare the bike themselves or with the remote factory support package, for TTGXP founder Azhar Hussain to diagnose and modify the bike remotely.  Though it won’t be sold road legal, the wiring loom is already fully integrated into the frame so it will be easy to pass it for street use.  The TTX02 has a targeted shipping date of March 2010 with just 50 slated for production.

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