MotoIQ Radio: Chris Willard of Redline Time Attack and MPTCC Drivers Edik Stepanyan and 2012 Tuner Under Champion Michel Abbate


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 MotoIQ Radio: Chris Willard of Redline Time Attack and MPTCC Drivers Edik Stepanyan and 2012 Tuner Under Champion Michel Abbate
By Justin Banner & Kerryann De La Cruz

What an exciting time to be a race fan! Formula 1 at Circuit of the Americas. NASCAR getting closer and closer to WWE territory. Redline Time Attack making a comeback. Finally, the close of the MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship. We won't be talking about the first two, but we will have Chris Willard on to talk about the reintroduction of the Redline Time Attack Series. We'll also have Edik Stepanyan, runner up in MPTCC Tuner Under, and Michele Abbate, the Tuner Under Champion for 2012. Listen in, this will be interesting!



7:00pm – 8:00pm PST – Chris Willard will come on with us to talk about the Redline Time Attack Series that will be holding an exhibition event in December and a full series in 2013. We'll also discuss the pitfalls that hit RTA on its last try and what Willard expects for the series in the future.


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8:15PM PST –  Edik “Edo” Stepanyan will join us after taking home second place in the 2012 MPTCC Tuner Under Championship. We'll discuss this past weekend's race, his 2012 season, and discuss what we'll see of Edo in 2013.


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8:30PM PST – Finally, we'll have a word with your 2012 MotoIQ Pacific Tuner Car Championship, Tuner Under Class Champion, Michele Abbate of Scion Racing. We'll definately talk about her year, what happened during the weekend of Buttonwillow II, and where we will see Michele in 2013 and beyond now that she is the MPTCC Champion in TU. I got a feeling it's not Disney World.



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