Project Scion FR-S Part 2- Uncorking the exhaust with Greddy

Project Scion FR-S Part 2- Uncorking the exhaust with GReddy

By Mike Kojima

The more time we spend behind the wheel of Project Scion FR-S, the more dear it is becoming to our hearts.  This car is really fun to drive.  What really puts a damper on things is that it simply just doesn't have enough power.

If power is the FR-S' weak point then that's what we are going to address first. To help us get more power, we turned to our friends at GReddy who supplied us with their new Evo 3 exhaust for our evaluation.  We chose the Evo 3 because of its large 70mm piping diameter.  Although this might not be the optimal diameter for our initial basic bolt ons, we have big plans for Project FR-S in the future and we wanted something with a lot of flow potential. 

We were a little worried that the big tubing might cause a loss in gas stream velocity and hamper low end power on the little 2 liter boxer engine but read on to check out our test results.

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The Evo 3 features quality all stainless steel construction.  The tail pipe section consists of a smooth flowing merge to twin rear exhausts.  The mufflers are perforated core straight through absorption type for excellent flow.  These types of mufflers are loud and the Evo 3 comes with dual butt plugs, restrictors which help quiet things down.  On our small engine they did not hurt power but if you were rocking forced induction or NOS, you would want to leave them out for best power output.
To reduce costs, Greddy uses robotic welding in areas that are not easily seen.  Although it is not as beautiful as hand TIG welding done by a skilled operator, robotic welding is functionally fine and a good way to reduce costs to the customer.  The large 70mm mid pipe also uses a perforated core pre-silencer to reduce high frequency resonance.
Our exhaust came with decent quality zinc plated hardware and OEM quality gaskets.



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