Project Scion FR-S Part 2- Uncorking the exhaust with Greddy


The exhaust has decent ground clearance even with the merge right after the differential.  It is a pretty tight fit in this area.
You can see the whole exhaust routing and how it bends around the diff here.  The fit is excellent and tight against the underbody with no rattles.
The good fit makes for an easy installation.  Howard Watanabe of Technosquare is lending us a hand here.
You can see the 102mm tips filling up the holes in the rear valance nicely here as we strap the car down on Technosquare's Superflow dyno.  The Superflow is a pretty stingy dyno and reads about 10 hp less than a Dynojet.
 The FR-S spins the Superflow's rollers.
Our stock FR-S managed to put out 145 whp and 119 lb/ft of torque, not counting the spikes in the double hump area off idle.  The Greddy Evo 3 bumped this up to 150.3 hp and 124 lb/ft of torque.  The gains were nice and pretty consistently across the board for a good boost in area under the curve.  We were pretty surprised with the exhaust's performance.  We were not expecting for it to do this well at low rpm since the large diameter Evo 3 exhaust is really designed to support higher power levels than the stock motor.  The stock FR-S exhaust looked pretty decent so persoanly we were thinking the gains were only going to be at the top end.  Two thumbs up for Greddy!

The Greddy exhaust changed the character of our car.  The exhaust note went from super quiet, probably too quiet to fairly loud.  Too loud for some of us.  Some of us thought the exhaust note was OK, sporty sounding for sure, but livable.  Martin did not like it at all and installed the butt plugs.  We all agreed that with the butt plugs the exhaust was fine.  The plugs did not hurt power with a stock engine but that will probably change as we continue to modify our motor.

The Greddy Evo 3 has quality construction, excellent fit, looks good and best of all makes good power across the board and has plenty of flow head space for serious future mods.

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