Project Scion FR-S Part 2- Uncorking the exhaust with Greddy


The exhaust terminates with a large polished stainless tip.  The muffler can is also polished.  You can see the beaded hollow stainless hangers.  The hollow hangers are a cool feature that saves weight.
A detail shot of the hollow hangers.  To save weight Greddy also uses stamped flanges for less stressed junctures.  For the main flange Greddy uses a thicker machined flange as it bears more load.
The Greddy tail section vs the heavy stock transverse muffler.  The Greddy exhaust saves about 12 lbs at the rear of the car.
Here you can see the Greddy mid pipe compared to the stock mid pipe.  The Greddy pipe is much bigger in diameter and uses smoother, non crushed bends for improved flow and reduced internal turbulence.
The right side muffler in place.
The left side muffler looking good and filling the hole in the valence perfectly.

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