MotoIQ Radio: Robbie Bryant of Keg Media, Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Off-Road, and Tony Brakohiapa of TonyB Racing

MotoIQ RadioMotoIQ Radio: Robbie Bryant of Keg Media, Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Off-Road, and Tony Brakohiapa of TonyB Racing

by Justin Banner and Kerryann De La Cruz

We're back! After a week of “relaxation” (read: I got sick), we're hitting it out of the park with three awesome guests! First guest is Robbie Bryant of Keg Media. He and Keg Media are a team that helps really awesome vehicles for clients looking to go to the SEMA Show, among others. We'll talk to Robbie about the trials and tribulations of high end builds. Then we welcome back Tony Pellegrino, but this time it's for updates on his company GenRight Off-Road. He's released more videos on his new Terremoto JK Wrangler, so we'll talk to him about that and on new products from GenRight. Then our final guest is Tony Brakohiapa, who worked as a stunt driver on the Need for Speed film and he's tackling Pikes Peak this year in a Ford Mustang that was once his Formula Drift car. Got comments or questions tonight? Use hashtag #motoiqradio on Facebook!


Keg Media

Keg Media is one of those companies you've seen before but probably didn't realize it. They are behind some really awesome looking SEMA Show rides along with other high quality client builds.

Keg Media

We'll talk to Keg Media honcho, Robbie Bryant and hear exactly what it takes to build impressive show quality builds for high-end clients.

Tony Pellegrino

The last time we talked to Tony Pellegrino of GenRight Off-Road was live at the King of the Hammers just after the Every Man Challenge. This time, we'll focus more on GenRight and his latest build.

Terremoto GenRight Off-Road

The Terremoto, a Jeep JK Wrangler that is more than capable in the rocks and the whoops of the open desert!

Tony Brakohiapa

Finally, we talk to Tony Brakohiapa of TonyB Racing. He's served as stunt driver on the Need for Speed movie, but now he'll be tackling Pikes Peak in his Vortech Supercharged Ford Mustang. It should be a wild ride up the mountain with this car if it's anything like his 2012 Formula Drift Mustang!


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